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comprises over 90,000 names of people who died or suffered injury in the mines of Great Britain from 1850 to 1914 and entries from official sources and my own research post 1914.To date there are over 200,000 entries of deaths and injuries on the database which include incidents in metal mines, fireclay mines and quarries.

A list of the areas covered

VICTIMS NAMES pre-1840 to 1970

This list has been compiled by gleaning through many old records and with the help of others.

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Names pre-1840
Names 1840-4
Names 1845-9
Names 1850-9
Names 1860-4
Names 1865-9
Names 1870-4
Names 1875-9
Names 1880-4
Names 1885-9
Names 1890-4
Names 1895-9
Names 1900-4
Names 1905-9
Names 1910-14
Names 1915-19
Names 1920-4
Names 1925-9
Names 1930-4
Names 1935-9
Names 1940-4
Names 1945-9
Names 1950-4
Names 1955-9
Names 1960-9

Names 1970-3

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There is a large forgotten army,

Who for their country have bled and died,

Leaving behind them wives and children,

Brothers and sisters who cried.


No bugle marks the passing of these men,

No beating drum or fusillade,

No flying colours, measured tread,

Few monuments of stone are made.


No day when flowers are strewn,

At the foot of an inscribed stone,

When men march proudly

With their comrades and memories, alone.


This forgotten army of the dead

Have served their country well.

It's fitting that we remember them,

And their sad story tell.


© Ian Winstanley 1997

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