Compiled by Ian Winstanley


ABER. Ogmore Vale, Glamorganshire. 14th. May, 1888.

ABERAMMAN. Aberdare, Glamorganshire. 20th. April, 1855.

ABERCOMBY. Aberdare, Glamorganshire. 8th. October, 1870.

ABERFAN. Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire. 21st. October, 1966.

ABRAM. Wigan, Lancashire. 19th. December, 1881.

ADDERLEY GREEN. Longton, Staffordshire. 17th. July, 1860.

AGECROFT. Pendlebury, Lancashire. 4th. January, 1859.

ALBION. Hindley Green, Lancashire. 28th. August, 1848.

ALBION. Pontypridd, Glamorganshire. 10th. November 1906.

ALDWARKE MAIN. Rotherham, Yorkshire. 5th. January, 1875.

ALDWARKE MAIN. Rotherham, Yorkshire. 23rd. February, 1904.

ALEXANDRA. St.Helens, Lancashire. 22nd. October, 1879.

ALEXANDRA. Wigan, Lancashire. 4th. December, 1875.

ALLERTON BYWATER. Castleford, Yorkshire. 10th. March, 1930.

ALTOFT'S. Normanton, Yorkshire. 2nd. October, 1886.

ANCHINRAITH. Blantyre, Lanarkshire. 30th. August, 1930.

ANNESLEY. Annesley, Nottinghamshire. 27th. June, 1877.

APEDALE. Burley Pit. Newcastle, Staffordshire. 20th. June, 1885.

APEDALE. Newcastle, Staffordshire. 27th. March, 1878.

APEDALE. Sladderhill No. 3 Pit. Newcastle, Staffordshire. 2nd. April, 1891.

APEDALE. Staffordshire. 1835.

ARDSLEY MAIN. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 5th. March, 1847.

ARGOED. Mold, Flintshire. 10th. May, 1837.

ASTLEY DEEP PIT. Dukinfield, Cheshire. 14th. April. 1874.

ASTLEY DEEP. Dunkirk Pit. Dukinfield, Cheshire. 4th. March, 1870.

ASTLEY GREEN, Tyldesley, Lancashire, 7th. June, 1939.

AUCHENGARVIE. Ayr. Ayrshire. 2nd. August, 1895.

AUCHENGEICH. Chryston, Lanarkshire. 18th. September, 1959.

AUCHENHARVIE No.4. Ayr, Ayrshire. 2nd. August, 1894.

AUDLEY. Newcastle, Staffordshire. 14th. January, 1895.

AYR, DRUMLEY No.1 PIT. Ayr, Ayreshire. 9th. September 1897.

BADDESLEY. Atherstone, Warwickshire. 1st. May. 1882.

BAMFURLONG. Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire. 14th. January, 1892.

BANK. Little Hulton, Lancashire. 10th. December, 1866.

BARDSLEY. Ashton-under-Lyme, Cheshire. 2nd. February, 1858.

BARMBY FURSCOE. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 19th. August, 1805.

BARMBY FURSCOE. Yorkshire. 1803.

BARNBURGH MAIN. Doncaster, Yorkshire. 26th. June, 1857.

BARNSLEY MAIN. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 7th. May, 1947.

BARNSLEY MAIN. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 16th. and 17th. February, 1942.

BARROW. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 15th. November, 1907.

BARRWOOD No.1. Kylsyth, Lanarkshire. 20th. December 1889.

BARWOOD. Kilsyth, Fifeshire. 8th. March, 1878.

BEDFORD. Wood End Pits. Leigh, Lancashire. 13th. August, 1886.

BEDWELTY. Tredegar, Glamorganshire. 2nd. April, 1879.

BEDWELTY. Tredegar, Monmouthshire. 4th December, 1866.

BEDWELTY. Tredegar, Monmouthshire. 10th. March 1880.

BEESTON MAIN. Leeds, Yorkshire, 17th. May, 1847.

BELLA PIT. Workington, Cumberland. 20th. September, 1833.

BELLFIELD. Rochdale, Lancashire. 11th. November, 1854.

BENSTONE, Johnstone, Fife, 23th. October, 1860.

BENT GRANGE. Oldham, Lancashire. 1st. July, 1853.

BENT GRANGE. Oldham, Lancashire. 9th. October, 1850.

BENTINCK. Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottingham, 30th. June, 1915.

BENTLEY. Doncaster, Yorkshire. 20th. November, 1932.

BENTLEY. Doncaster, Yorkshire. 21st. November, 1978.

BERRY HILL. Stoke, Staffordshire. 7th. March, 1872.

BERSHAM. Wrexham, Denbighshire. 3rd. August, 1880.

BERSHAM. Wrexham, Denbighshire. 3rd. August, 1909.

BICKERSHAW. Leigh, Lancashire 10th. October, 1959.

BICKERSHAW. Leigh, Lancashire. 10th. October, 1932.

BIGGES PIT. Willington, Northumberland. 19th. April, 1841.

BIGNALL HALL. Audley, Staffordshire. 24th. December, 1874.

BIGNALL HILL. Jamage Pit. Audley, Staffordshire. 25th. November, 1911.

BILSTHORPE. Bilsthorpe, Nottinghamshire. 1st. March, 1927.

BILSTHORPE. Mansfield, Nottingham. 26th. July, 1934.

BIRCHENWOOD. Kidsgrove, Staffordshire. 18th. December, 1925.

BIRCHROCK. Pontardulais, Glamorganshire. 1st. October, 1909.

BIRD-IN-TH'-HAND. Eccleston, Lancashire. 26th February, 1849.

BIRLEY, Sheffield, Yorkshire. 26th. June, 1876.

BLACK MINE Flowery Field. Hyde, Cheshire. 8th. April, 1842.

BLACK VEIN IRONSTONE MINE. Aberdare, Glamorganshire. June, 1848.

BLACK VEIN PIT. Risca, Monmouthshire. 1st. December, 1860.

BLACKEYHURST Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire. 1st. July, 1864.

BLACKLANE. West Bromwich, Staffordshire. 23rd. November, 1871.

BLACKROD. Bolton, Lancashire. 6th. October, 1836.

BLACKWELL 'A' WINNING. Alfreton, Derbyshire. 11th. November, 1895.

BLAENCLYDACH. Blaenclydach, Glamorganshire. 25th. December, 1941.

BLAENGWAWR. Aberdare, Glamorganshire. 8th. March, 1861.

BLAENGWYNFI. Garw Valley, Glamorganshire. 30th. Spetember, 1891.

BLAENHIRWAUN. Cross Hands, Carmarthenshire. 6th. September, 1955.

BLANTYRE No.1. Blantyre, Lanarkshire. 2nd. July, 1879.

BLANTYRE. Blantyre, Lanarkshire, 5th. March, 1878.

BLANTYRE. High Blantyre, Lanarkshire. 22nd. October, 1877.

BOG. Wakefield, Yorkshire. 13th. December, 1836.

BOGLE HOLE PIT. Glasgow, Lanarkshire. 28th. September, 1846.

BOLD. St.Helens, Lancashire. 20th? January, 1905.

BOTALLACK. Botallack, Cornwall. 18th. April, 1863.

BOTHWELL CASTLE No.2. Bothwell, Lanarkshire. 28th. June, 1889.

BOWHILL No.1. Cardenden, Fifeshire. 31st. October, 1931.

BRANCEPETH. ('A' Pit.) Willington, Durham. 13th. April, 1896.

BRANDLING MAIN. Jarrow, Durham. 25th. May, 1812.

BRANDON. Brandon, Durham. 15th August, 1899.

BRAYTON DOMAIN No. 4. Cumberland, 26th. April, 1915.

BRERETON. Breton, Staffordshire. 6th. February, 1861.

BRIDGE-END Pensnett, Worcestershire 11th. January, 1864.

BRIETWHISTLE. Dewsbury, Yorkshire. 19th. October, 1841.

BRIGHT SOFT PIT. Shipley, Nottingham. 13th. June, 1837.

BRIGHTSIDE. Sheffield, Yorkshire. 12th. April, 1867.

BRNGWEOG. Mold Flintshire. 12th. February, 1862.

BROADOAK. Loughor, Glamorganshire. 5th. January, 1897.

BROOKHOUSE. Hanley, Staffordshire. 2nd. March, 1864.

BROWNHILLS. Brownhills, Staffordshire. 9th. January, 1861.

BRYN CETHIN. Bridgend, Glamorganshire. 26th. September, 1874.

BRYN HALL. Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire. 2nd. June. 1873.

BRYN HALL. Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire. 19th. August, 1870.

BRYN-yr-OWEN. Wrexham, Denbighshire. 11th January, 1855.

BRYNDDU. Pyle, Glamorganshire. 23rd. December, 1853.

BRYNDDU. Pyle, Glamorganshire. 28th. May, 1858.

BRYNMALLY. Wrexham, Denbighshire. 13th. March, 1889.

BRYNMALLY. Wrexham, Denbighshire. 30th. September, 1856.

BUNKERS HILL. Bilston, Staffordshire. 16th. June, 1852.

BUNKERS HILL. Staffordshire. 30th. April, 1875.

BURDON MAIN. Burdon, Durham. 19th. November, 1835.

BURGH. Coppull, Lancashire. 24th. November, 1846.

BURNGRANGE. Nos.1 and 2 (Oil Shale) Mine West Calder, Midlothian. 10th. January, 1947.

BURNYEAT'S NEW SINKING. Ynysddu, Monmouthshire. 13th. August, 1904.

BURRADON. Burradon, Northumberland. 2nd. March, 1860.

BWLLFA. Aberdare, Glamorganshire. 27th. December, 1867.

BYCARS. Burslem Staffordshire. 29th. January, 1859.

CADBEY MAIN. Denaby, Yorkshire. 9th. July, 1912.

CADDER. Glasgow, Lanarkshire. 3rd. August, 1913.

CAE. Llanlley, Glamorganshire. 3rd. November, 1858

CALIFORNIA Aspull, Lancashire. 12th. September, 1865.

CAMBRIAN. Clydach, Glamorganshire. 10th. March 1905.

CAMBRIAN. Rhondda, Glamorganshire. 17th. May, 1965.

CANNOCK CHASE Cannock, Staffordshire. 15th. May, 1868.

Caprington No.4. Ayr, Scotland. 10th. December, 1909.

CAR HOUSE. Rotherham, Yorkshire. 16th. June, 1913.

CARDOWAN. Stepps, Lanarkshire. 16th. November, 1932.

CETHIN. Merthyr, Glamorganshire. 19th. February, 1862.

CHANTERS. Atherton, Lancashire. 6th. March, 1957.

CHARLES. Llansamlet, Glamorganshire. 23rd. July, 1870.

CHARTERSHAUGH. Durham. 8th. December, 1778.

CHOWBENT. Gib Field Pit. Atherton, Lancashire. 11th. February, 1850.

CINDER PITS. Blaenavon, Glamorganshire. 28th. November, 1838.

CLATTERSHALL. Brierley Hill, Staffordshire. 11th. March, 1868.

CLATTERSHALL. Stourbridge, Staffordshire. 2nd. March, 1867.

CLAY CROSS . Chesterfield, Derbyshire. 11th. June, 1861.

CLAY CROSS. Chesterfield, Derbyshire. 3rd. May, 1865.

CLEVELAND. Staffordshire. June, 1843.

CLIFTON HALL. Manchester, Lancashire. 18th. June, 1885.

CLOUGH HALL. Newcastle, Staffordshire. 1st. March, 1865.

COED POETH. Supposed to be S. Wales. 5th. October, 1850.

COEDCAE. Pontypridd, Glamorganshire. 13th. February, 1882.

COLLINGWOOD MAIN. Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland. 17th. July, 1815.

COMMONHEAD. Airdrie, Fifeshire. 23rd. July, 1850.

COOMBS WOOD. Halesowen, Worcestershire. 18th. March, 1929.

COPPULL Coppull, Lancashire. 20th. May, 1852.

CORPSHILL or Corporal Pit. Whitehaven, Cumberland, 5th. August, 1737.

COURT HERBERT. Neath, Glamorganshire. 1st. June, 1906.

COWDENBEATH, Dunfirmline, 30th. November, 1853.

COXLODGE Coxlodge, Northumberland. 6th. March, 1863.

CRESWELL. Creswell, Derbyshire. 26th. September, 1950.

CRIGGLESTON. Wakefield, Yorkshire. 29th. July, 1941.

CRONTON. Widnes, Lancashire. 11th. December, 1918.

CUMGWRACH. Neath, Glamorganshire.9th. June, 1820.

CWMAMMAN. Aberdare, Glamorganshire. 28th. November, 1855.

CWMNANTDDU. Llanerch, Monmouthshire. 25th. May, 1869.

CWMTILLERY. Abertillery, Monmouthshire. 5th. April, 1873.

CWMYNANTDDU. Pontypool, Glamorganshire. 16th. August, 1849.

CWNLLYN. Swansea Valley, Glamorganshire. 1825.

CYFING. Swansea, Glamorganshire. 11th. August, 1858.

CYMMER. Rhondda Valley, Glamorganshire. 15th. July 1856.

CYNHEIDRE-PENTREMAWR. Llanelli, Carmarthenshire. 6th. April, 1971.

DARK LANE. Wellington, Shropshire, 29th. December, 1862.

DARLEY MAIN. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 29th. January, 1847.

DARLEY MAIN. Worsborough Dale, Yorkshire. 24th. January, 1849.

DARRAN. Deri, Glamorganshire. 29th. October, 1909.

DAWLEY. Wellington, Shropshire. 6th. December, 1872.

DEAN LANE. Bedminster, Somersetershire. 10th. September 1886.

DEEP NAVIGATION. Glamorganshire. 11th. November, 1902.

DEVON. Clackmannan, Fifeshire. 26th. March, 1897.

DIGLAKE. Audley, Staffordshire. 14th. January, 1885.

DINAS MAIN, No.3. Gilfach Coch, Glamorganshire. 14th. December, 1907.

DINAS MIDDLE PIT. Glamorganshire. 1st. January, 1844.

DINAS. Llantrisant, Glamorganshire. 13th. January, 1879.

DOLCOATH. Camborne, Cornwall. 20th. September, 1893.

DONIBRISTLE. Cowdenbeath, Fifeshire. 26th. August, 1901.

DONNINGTON WOOD. Lilleshall, Shropshire. 11th. September, 1875.

DONNINGTON. Wellington, Shropshire. 9th. September, 1861.

DOUGLAS BANK. Wigan, Lancashire, 4th. January, 1865.

DOUGLAS BANK. Wigan, Lancashire. 6th. April, 1888.

DOVER. Dover, Kent. 6th. March, 1897.

DOWLAIS. Aberdare, Gamorganshire. 9th. September, 1895.

DOWLAIS. Cardiff, Glamorganshire, 23rd. January, 1893.

DOWLAIS. Cardiff, Glamorganshire. 28th. April, 1906.

DOWNS PIT. Hetton, Northumberland. 28th. January, 1836.

DUKE PIT. Whitehaven, Cumberland. 11th. January, 1844.

DUKINFIELD. Ashton-under-Lyne, Cheshire. 4th June, 1867.

DUKINFIELD. Ashton-under-Lyne, Cheshire. 14th. June, 1866.

DUMBRECK. Kilsyth, Stirlingshire. 30th. January, 1938.

DUNGANNON. Dungannon, Tyrone, Ireland. 11th. December, 1895.

DYKEHEAD. Hamilton, Lanarkhire. 7th. August, 1861.

EAGLESBUSH. Neath. Glamorganshire. 29th. March, 1848.

EASINGTON. West Hartlepool, Durham. 29th. May, 1951.

EAST ARDSLEY. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 30th. June, 1809.

EAST HETTON. East Hetton, Durham. 6th. May, 1897.

EAST PLEAN. Bannockburn, Stirlingshire. 13th. July, 1922.

EAST WHEAL ROSE. Newlyn, Cornwall. 9th. July, 1846.

EASTON. Bristol, Gloucestershire. 19th. February, 1886.

EBENEZER. West Bromwich, Staffordshire. Late October, 1821.

EDGE GREEN. Garswood Hall No.9 Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire. 12th. November, 1932.

EDMUNDS MAIN. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 8th. December, 1862.

ELBA. Gowerton, Glamorganshire. 21st. January, 1905.

ELEMORE. Hetton, Durham. 2nd. December, 1886.

EPPLETON. Hetton-le-Hole, Durham. 6th. July, 1951.

EXHALL. Nuneaton, Staffordshire, 21st. September, 1815.

FAR GREEN. Hanley, Staffordshire. 5th. November, 1858.

FARNACRES. Farnacres, Durham. 23rd. October, 1840.

FARNACRES. Gateshead, Durham. 9th. December, 1842.

FATFIELD. Chester-le-Street, Durham. 18th. August 1708.

FATFIELD. Chester-le-Street, Durham. 27th. March, 1767.

FATFIELD. Chester-le-Street, Durham. 1763.

FATFIELD. Hall Pit. Chester-le-Street, Durham. 28th. September, 1813.

FATFIELD. Judith Pit. Chester-le-Street, Durham. 3rd. July, 1825.

FELLING. Felling, Durham. 24th. December, 1813.

FELLING. Gateshead, Durham. 23rd. October, 1821.

FELLING. Tyne Main Pit. Felling, Durham. 22nd. June, 1847.

FENTON PARK. Fenton Park, Staffordshire. 1806.

FERNDALE. Porth, Glamorganshire. 8th. November 1867.

FERNDALE. Rhondda Valley, Glamorganshire. 10th. June, 1869.

FERNDALE. Tylorstown Pit. Rhondda Fach, Glamorganshire. 27th. January, 1896.

FIRE CLAY PIT. Bilston, Staffordshire. 15th. April, 1846.

FIRE ENGINE, Neath, Glamorganshire. 12th. May, 1795.

FITZWILLIAM MAIN. Pontefract, Yorkshire. 25th. January, 1879.

FIVE WAYS. Rowley Regis, Staffordshire. 19th. August, 1844.

FIVEWAYS. Cladey, Worcestershire. 10th. July, 1851.

FLINT. Flint, Flintshire. 20th. May, 1828.

FOGGS. Darcey Lever, Lancashire. 7th. February, 1877.

FOGGS. Haydock, Lancashire. March, 1850.

FOGGS. Tyldesley, Lancashire. 4th. October, 1907.

FROOD. Wrexham, Denbighshire. 19th. October, 1854.

FURZEHILL. Horrabridge, Cornwall. 12th. May, 1866.

GADLYS. Aberdare, Glamorganshire. 4th. October, 1871.

GARFORTH. Middleton, Yorkshire. 12th. January, 1825.

GARNANT. Cwmaman, Glamorganshire. 16th. January, 1884.

GARNOCH. Swansea, Glamorganshire. 7th. July, 1880.

GARSCUBE, Glasgow, Scotland. 13th. December, 1853.

GARSWOOD HALL. Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire. 2nd. April, 1902.

GARSWOOD PARK Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire. 4th. May, 1866.

GARSWOOD PARK Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire. 20th. August, 1867.

GARTH MERTHYR. Maesteg, Glamorganshire. 11th. June 1897.

GARTSHORE. Twechar, Dumbartonshire. 28th. July, 1923.

GATESHEAD. Gateshead, Northumberland. 3rd. or 4th. October 1705.

GELLI. Ystrad, Glamorganshire. 21st. August, 1883.

GENWEN. Llanelli, Carmarthen. 5th. March, 1907.

GEORGE PIT. Mountain Ash, Glamorganshire. 9th. December, 1886.

GERARDS BRIDGE. St. Helens, Lancashire. 2nd. June, 1847.

GETHIN. Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire. 20th. December, 1865.

GLEBE. Washington, Durham. 20th. February, 1908.

GLENAVON. Rhondda, Glamorganshire. 24th. October, 1900.

GLYN. Pontypool, Monmouthshire. 22nd. January, 1890.

GLYNEA. Glynea, Carmarthenshire. 18th. October, 1913.

GOLBORNE. Golborne, Lancashire. 18th. March, 1979.

GRASSMORE. Chsterfield, Derbyshire. 19th. November, 1933.

GREAT BOYS. Tyldesley, Lancashire. 6th. March, 1877.

GREAT BRIDGE, Friary Field. Dudley, Staffordshire. 26th. June, 1849.

GREAT FENTON. Great Fenton, Staffordshire. 8th. April, 1885.

GREAT WESTERN. Rhondda, Glamorganshire. 11th. April, 1893.

GREENFIELDS ASH PIT. Broadfield, Staffordshire. 26th. June, 1843.

GREENLAND WALLS. Berwick-on-Tweed. 8th. April, 1857.


GRESFORD. Wrexham. Denbighshire. 22nd. September, 1934.

GROVE. Brownhills, Staffordshire. 1st. October, 1930.

GWANE. Dudley, Worcestershire. 10th. September, 1857.

GWENDRAETH. Pontyberem, Glamorganshire. 10th. May, 1855.

GWENDRETH. Pontyberem, Carmarthenshire. 10th. May, 1852.

HAFOD-Y-BWCH. Ruabon, Flintshire. 11th. December, 1873.

HAIG PIT. Whitehaven, Cumberland. 5th. February, 1931.

HAIGH. Whitehaven, Cumberland, 5th. September, 1922.

HALL END. West Bromwich, Staffordshire. 6th. September, 1884.

HAMSTEAD. Great Barr, Staffordshire. 4th.March, 1908.

HAPTON VALLEY. Burnley, Lancashire. 22nd. March, 1962.

HARRATON COLLIERY. Row Pit. Harraton, Durham. 29th. November, 1808.

HARRATON. Harraton, Durham. 11th. June, 1794.

HARRATON. Row Pit. Harraton. Durham. 30th. June, 1817.

HARRINGTON MILL PIT. Pensher, Durham. 10th. October, 1812.

HARRINGTON No.10 PIT. Lowca, Cumberland. 9th. December, 1946.

HARTLEY. Hartley, Northumberland. 1st. December, 1761.

HASWELL. Haswell, Durham. 28th. September, 1844.

HASWELL. Haswell, Durham. April, 1845.

HATTONRIGG. Lanarkshire, Scotland. 19th. January, 1910.

HAYDOCK No.13. Haydock, Lancashire. 8th. November, 1850.

HAYDOCK. Haydock, Lancashire. May, 1831.

HAYDOCK. Haydock, Lancashire. September, 1832.

HAYES WOOD. Somerset. February, 1845.

HEATHFIELD. Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. 9th. February, 1848.

HEATON. Newcastle-on-Tyne, Durham. 3rd. May, 1815.

HEBBURN 'B'. Hebburn, Durham. 19th. July, 1836.

HEBBURN. 'A' Pit. Hebburn, Northumberland. 4th. November, 1889.

HEBBURN. Hebburn, Durham. 5th. June, 1849.

HEBBURN. Hebburn, Durham. 6th. May, 1852.

HEBBURN. Hebburn, Durham. 12th. August, 1814.

HEBBURN. Hebburn, Durham. 21st. October, 1805.

HEDNESFORD. Cannock, Chase Staffordshire. 14th. December, 1911.

HENDREFORGAN. Swansea Valley, Glamorganshire. 11th. November 1869.

HENWAIN. Blaina, Monmouthshire. 27th. February, 1882.

HETTON. Downs Pit. Hetton-le-Hole, Durham. 3rd. February, 1835.

HEWORTH. Heworth, Durham. 5th. September, 1826.

HEYS. Ashton-under- Lyne, Lancashire. 17th. March, 1851.

HIGH BROOKS. Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire. 1st. April, 1869.

HIGH BROOKS. Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire. 23rd. January, 1866.

HIGHAM. Barnsley, Yorkshire, 15th February, 1860.

HILL CLOSE LEAD MINE. Darley Dale, Derbyshire. 3rd. November, 1887.

HILL OF BEATH. Fife, Fifeshire. 15th. February, 1901.

HINDLEY GREEN. Springs Pit. Wigan, Lancashire. 15th. November, 1871.

HINDLEY GREEN. Wigan, Lancashire. 25th November, 1868.

HINDLEY. Wigan, Lancashire. 26th. April, 1857.

HOLDITCH. Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. 2nd. July, 1937.

HOLLINGWOOD. Chesterfield, Derbyshire. 15th. November, 1857.

HOLLY HALL, Dudley, Staffordshire. 30th. August, 1843.

HOMER HILL. Cradley, Worcestershire. 1st. November, 1866.

HOMER HILL. Stourbridge, Worcestershire. 12th. November, 1867.

HOUGHTON MAIN. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 10th. ?? January, 1887.

HOUGHTON MAIN. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 12th June, 1975.

HOUGHTON MAIN. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 12th. December, 1930.

HOUGHTON-LE-SPRING. Houghton-le-Spring, Durham. 1st. September, 1828.

HOUGHTON. Houghton, Durham. 11th. November, 1850.

HULTON No. 3. Pretoria Pit. Atherton, Lancashire. 21st. December, 1910.

HUNTERS HILL. Lanark, Lanarkshire. 13th. September, 1910.

HURLET PIT. Paisley, Midlothian, 1805.

HUSKAR. Moorend Pit. Silkstone, Barnsley. 4th. July 1836

HYDE. Hyde, Cheshire. 18th. February 1889.

INCE HALL. Middle Patricroft Pit. Hindley, Lancashire. 6th. March, 1849.

INCE HALL. Saw Mill Pit. Wigan, Lancashire. 18th. July, 1874.

INCE HALL. Wigan, Lancashire. 18th. February, 1854.

INCE HALL. Wigan, Lancashire. 22nd. December, 1851.

INCE HALL. Wigan, Lancashire. 24th. March, 1853.

INCE HALL. Wigan, Lancashire. 30th. November, 1847.

INCE HALL. Wigan, Lancashire. 30th. November, 1847.

INCE MOSS. Wigan, Lancashire. 6th. September, 1871.

INGHAM. Dewsbury, Yorkshire. 9th. September, 1947.

IRVINE November, 1871.

ISABELLA, UNION and LADY PITS, Workington, Cumberland. 28th. July, 1837.

JAMMAGE. Bignall Hall, Staffordshire. 5th. January, 1876.

JARROW. Jarrow, Durham. 3rd. August, 1830.

JARROW. Jarrow, Durham. 15th. March, 1828

JARROW. Jarrow, Durham. 17th. January, 1826.

JARROW. Jarrow, Durham. 21st. August, 1845.

JARROW. Jarrow, Durham. 25th. September, 1817.

KAMES. Muirkirk, Ayrshire. 19th. November, 1957.

KEMBERTON. Shifnal, Staffordshire, 4th. December, 1901.

KERSLEY. Kersley, Lancashire. 24th. December, 1879.

KILLINGWORTH, Durham, 31st. October, 1951.

KILLINGWORTH. Killingworth, Northumberland. 14th. September, 1809.

KILLINGWORTH. Killingworth, Northumberland. 28th. March, 1806.

KINGSWOOD. Bristol, Gloucester. 7th. June, 1851.

KINGSWOOD. Kingswood, Northumberland. 2nd. May, 1833.

KINGSWOOD. Kingswood, Somerset. 27th. May, 1839.

KINNEDDAR. Dunermline, Fifeshire. 31st. May, 1895.

KIRKLESS HALL. Wigan, Lancashire. 28th. June, 1847.

KIRKLESS HALL. Wigan, Lancashire. 28th. June, 1847.

KNOCKSHINNOCK CASTLE. New Cumnock, Ayrshire. 7th. September, 1950.

LAFFACK. St. Helens, Lancashire. 23rd. June, 1849.

LAMBTON. Chester-le-Street, Durham. 22nd. August 1766.

LANDSHIPPING. Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire. 14th. February, 1844.

LEESWOOD Mold, Flintshire. 15th. December, 1864.

LETTY SHANKLIN. Aberdare, Glamorganshire. 10th.August, 1849.

LEVANT TIN MINE. Pendeen, Cornwall. 20th. October, 1919.

LEWIS MERTHYR. Pontypridd, Glamorganshire. 11th. February, 1882.

LEWIS MERTHYR. Trehafod, Glamorganshire. 22nd. November, 1956.

LEYCETT. Madeley, Stafforshire. 21st. October, 1883

LEYCETT. Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. 3rd. January, 1871.

LEYCETTE. Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. 12th. September, 1879.

LEYCETTE. Newcastle-under-Lyne, Staffordshire. 21st. January, 1880.

LIBANUS SINKING PIT. Monmouthshire. 22nd. January, 1871

LILLYDALE. Hanley, Staffordshire. 3rd.May, 1881.

LINDLEY TOP. Huddersfield, Yorkshire. 30th. May, 1833.

LINDSAY. Cowdenbeath, Fife. 14th. December, 1957.

LINNYSHAW. Worsley, Lancashire. 27th, February, 1861.

LITTLE LEVER. Bolton, Lancashire. 1835.

LLAN. Cardiff, Glamorganshire. 6th. December, 1875.

LLANBRADACH. Cardiff, Glamorganshire. 10th. September, 1901.

LLANERCH. Pontypool, Monmouthshire. 6th. February, 1890.

LLANSAMLET. Swansea, Glamorganshire, 14th. March, 1788.

LLANTWIT. Pontypridd, Glamorganshire. 19th. May, 1849.

LLAY MAIN. Wrexham, Denbighshire. 5th. December, 1924.

LLEST. Pontyrhyl, Glamorganshire, 18th. August, 1899.

LLWYNVI. Llwynvi, Glamorganshire, 26th. December, 1863.

LLWYNYPIA. Porth, Glamorganshire. 25th. January, 1932.

LLYNVI. Maesteg, Glamorganshire. 26th. December, 1863.

LODGE PIT. Dawley, Shropshire. 29th. May, 1848.

LOFTHOUSE. Wakefield, Yorkshire. 21st. March, 1973.

LONNEN PIT. Fatfield, Durham. June 1736.

LOUISA. Stanley, Durham. 22nd. August, 1947.

LOVERS LANE. Atherton, Lancashire. 28th. March, 1872.

LOW HALL. Wigan, Lancashire. 15th. November, 1869.

LOWCA. John Pit. Whitehaven, Cumberland. 24th. October, 1838.

LOWER DUFFRYN. Aberdare, Glamorganshire. 6th. November, 1860.

LOWER DUFFYN. Aberdare, Glamorganshire. 24th. February, 1858.

LOWER ELSECAR. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 22nd. December, 1852.

LUMLEY PARK. Chester-le-Street, Durham. 1727.

LUMLEY. George Pit. Chester-le-Street, Durham. 9th. October, 1819.

LUMLEY. George Pit. Chester-le-Street, Durham. 25th. October, 1824.

LUMLEY. Lumley, Durham. 11th. April, 1797.

LUMLEY. Lumley, Durham. 11th. October, 1799.

LUNDHILL. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 19th. February, 1857.

LUNDHILL. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 22nd. June 1854.

LYME PIT. Haydock, Lancashire. 26th. February, 1930.

MACLAREN, (No.1 Pit). Abertysswg, Monmouthshire. 3rd. September, 1902.

MADDERLEY WOOD. Ironbridge, Shropshire. 27th. September, 1864.

MAESTEG MERTHYR. Bridgend, Glamorganshire. 2nd. February, 1872

MAIN. Neath, Glamorganshire. 6th. April, 1859.

MALAGO VALE . Bristol, Somerset. 9th. August, 1851.

MALGO VALE. Bristol, Somerset. 31st. August, 1891.

MALTBY MAIN. Maltby, Yorkshire. 28th. July, 1923.

MANVERS MAIN. Wath-on-Dearne, Yorkshire. 4th. March, 1945.

MARDY. Rhondda Valley, Glamorganshire. 23rd. December, 1885.

MARGARET. Newbottle, Durham. 3rd. June, 1885.

MARINE. Cwm, Monmouthshire. 1st. March, 1927.

MARKHAM No.1 Blackshale Pit. Chesterfield, Derbyshire. 10th. May, 1938.

MARKHAM. Chesterfield, Derbyshire. 30th. July, 1973.

MARKHAM. Markham, Derbyshire. 21st. January, 1937.

MARKHAM. Markham, Monmouthshire. 18th. May, 1912.

MAURICEWOOD. Glencorse, Midlothian. 5th. September, 1889.

MEADOW PIT. Cwnavon, Glamorganshire. 24th. June, 1878.

MEADOW. Cwmavon, Glamorganshire. 24th. June, 1879.

MEDMOSLEY. Consett, Durham. 24th. February, 1923.

MENSES. Barebones Pit. Wigan, Lancashire 21st. November, 1873.

MESNE LEA. Worsley, Lancashire. 30th. May, 1867.

METHYL JUNCTION. Normanton, Yorkshire. 9th. December, 1875.

MICHAEL. Fife, Fifeshire. 9th. September, 1967.

MICKLEFIELD. Leeds, Yorkshire. 30th. April, 1896.

MIDDLE DUFFRYN. Abderdare, Monmouthshire. 10th. May, 1852.

MILFRAEN. Blaenavon, Monmouthshire. 10th. July, 1929.

MILFREN Trerthen, Monmouthshire. 4th. March, 1902.

MINERA. Wrexham, Denbighshire. 20th. July, 1849.

MINERA. Wrexham, Denbighshire. December, 1844.

MINNIE PIT. Podmore Hall, Halderbrand, North Staffordshire, 17th. January, 1915.

MINOR PIT. Hetton, Durham. 20th. December, 1860.

MONKSWEARMOUTH. Monkswearmouth, Durham. 14th. July, 1853.

MONKWEIRMOUTH Monkweirmouth, Durham. 7th. September, 1862.

MONTAGU. Scotswood, Northumberland. 25th. March, 1925.

MOOR SIDE, Barnsley, Yorkshire, 4th. July, 1838.

MOORFIELD. Accrington, Lancashire. 7th. November, 1883.

MOORSLEY. Moorsley, Durham. 22nd. November, 1833.

MORFA. Port Talbot, Glamorganshire. 10th. March , 1890.

MORFA. Port Talbot, Glamorganshire. 14th. February, 1870.

MORFA. Port Talbot, Glamorganshire. 17th. October 1863.

MORLEY MAIN. Leeds, Yorkshire. 7th. October 1872.

MOSSFIELD. Longton, Staffordshire. 16th. October, 1889.

MOSSFIELD. Longton, Staffordshire. 21st. March, 1940.

MOSTYN. Mostyn, Denbighshire. 1806.

MOSTYN. Mostyn, Flintshire. July, 1840.

MOUNT OSBORNE. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 21st. or 22nd. November, 1841.

MURTON. Murton, Durham. 26th. June, 1942.

NANTYGLO. Blaina, Monmouthshire, c.7th. December, 1837.

NANTYGLOW. Monmouthshire. December, 1847.

NATIONAL. Pontypridd, Glamorganshire. 18th. February. 1887.

NATIONAL. Wattstown, Glamorganshire. 11th. July, 1905.

NAVAL COLLIERY, Ely Pit. Penycraig, Glamorganshire. 27th. August 1909.

NAVAL. Llantrissant, Glamorganshire. 27th. January, 1884.

NEILSLAND. Lanarkhire, 26th. April, 1916.

NELSON. Tyldesley, Lancashire. 2nd. October, 1883.

NESHAMS. Newbottle, Durham. 19th. October, 1821.

NEW BOSTON. Haydock, Lancashire. 16th. July, 1905.

NEW CATHEDRAL. St. Day, Cornwall. 19th. January 1881.

NEW COTTAM. Chesterfield, Derbyshire, 21st. January, 1853.

NEW COTTAM. Chesterfield, Derbyshire. 21st. January, 1854.

NEW DUFFRYN. Aberdare, Glamorganshire. 12th. December, 1850.

NEW DUFFRYN. Rhymney, Glamorganshire. 25th. June, 1883.

NEW HARTLEY. Hartley, Durham. 17th. January, 1862.

NEW HEM HEATH. Chesterton, Staffordshire, 25th. February, 1915.

NEW TREDEGAR. Bedwelty, Monmouthshire. 4th. December, 1875.

NEW WASHINGTON. Washington, Durham. 12th. February, 1796.

NEWBOTTLE. Dolly Pit. 19th. November, 1824.

NEWBOTTLE. Fencehouses, Durham. 15th. June, 1832.

NEWBOTTLE. Newbottle, Durham. 31st. July, 1815.

NEWBOTTLE. Success Pit. Newbottle, Durham. 2nd. June, 1815.

NEWBURY. Westbury, Somersetshire, 22nd. October, 1869.

NEWDIGATE. Numeaton, Warwickshire. 3rd. Septhember, 1931.

NEWMARKET. Wakefield, Yorkshire. 11th. November, 1854.

NEWTON, Haydock, Lancashire. 5th. November, 1845.

NIDDRIE No.7 Pit Portobello, Fife. 24th. May, 1884.

No.1 MAIN BRYNCOCH. Neath, Glamorganshire. 4th. August 1896.

NORCROFT. Cawthorne, Yorkshire. 23rd. May 1821.

NORLEY, Wigan Lancashire, 24th. April, 1852.

NORLEY. Wigan, Lancashire. 21st. December, 1868.

NORTH BIDDICK. Biddick, Durham. 18th. January, 1743.

NORTH BIDDICK. Washington, Durham. 6th. December, 1773.

NORTH GAWBER (Lidgett). Barnsley, Yorkshire. 12th. September, 1935.

NORTON HILL. Midsomer Norton, Somerset. 9th. April, 1908.

NORWOOD. Chesterfield Derbyshire, 22nd. November, 1871.

NOVA SCOTIA. Harraton, Durham. 2nd. July, 1817.

NUNNERY. Sheffield, Yorkshire. 3rd. December, 1923.

OAKLEY SLATE MINE. WHERE? 16th. February, 1888.

OAKWOOD. Maesteg, Glamorganshire. 11th. January, 1872.

OGMORE. Bridgend, Glamorganshire. 7th. December, 1874.

OLD BOSTON. Haydock, Lancashire. 29th. June 1900.

OLD BRADLEY. Bilston, Staffordshire. 30th. May, 1862.

OLD CASTLE. Llanelli, Carmarthenshire. 3rd. July, 1862.

OLD COAL PIT. Blaina, Monmouthshire. 17th. September, 1837.

OLD COAL PIT. Coalbrookdale, Shropshire. 3rd July, 1856.

OLD DUFFRYN. Aberdare, Glamorganshire. 1st. August, 1845.

OLD FIELD. Longton, Staffordshire. 25th. May, 1855.

OLD PARK. Dudley, Staffordshire. 20th. June, 1856.

OLD PARK. Dudley, Staffordshire. 26th. April, 1853.

OLDBURY. Oldbury, Straffordshire. February, 1837.

OVINGTON'S PIT, East Rainton, Durham. 7th. October, 1776.

OXCLOSE. Oxclose, Durham. 29th. November, 1805.

OXCROFT. Creswell, Derbyshire. 6th. April, 1919.

PAGE BANK. Brancepeth, Durham. 1st. October, 1858.

PARADISE. Benwell, Northumberland. 24th. April, 1795.

PARK SLIP. Tondu, Glamorganshire. 26th. August, 1892.

PARK. Dewsbury, Yorkshire. 7th. April, 1879.

PARKHOUSE No.7. Clay Cross, Derbyshire. 7th. November, 1882.

PARR. St.Helens, Lancashire. January, 1847.

PELSALL HALL. Walsall, Staffordshire. 14th. November, 1872.

PELTON. Chester-le-Street, Durham. 12th. January, 1866.

PELTON. Chester-le-Street, Durham. 21st. October, 1866.

PEMBERTON. Wigan, Lancashire. 11th. October, 1877.

PEMBERTON. Wigan, Lancashire. 24th. April, 1830.

PEN-Y-CRAIG. Rhondda, Glamorganshire. 10th. December, 1880.

PENDLEBURY. Pendlebury, Lancashire. 27th. September, 1870.

PENDLETON. Pendleton, Lancashire. 4th. November, 1925.

PENDLETON. Pendleton, Lancashire. 6th. February, 1870.

PENDWLL. Wrexham, Denbighshire. 30th. May, 1878.

PENNANT HILL. Dudley, Staffordshire. 22nd. October, 1915.

PENTRE Rhondda Valley, Glamorganshire. 24th. February, 1871.

PENYCRAIG. Penycraig, Glamorganshire. 27th. January, 1884.

PICKTREE. Rickleton, Durham. 9th. June, 1794.

PLAIN PIT. Rainton, Durham. 18th. December, 1815.

POCHIN. Glamorganshire. 8th. November, 1884.

PODMORE HALL. Minnie Pit. Halmerend, Staffordshire. 12th. January, 1918.

POLKA PIT. Murton, Durham. 15th. August, 1848.

PONTHENRY, Lllanelly, Glamorganshire, 3rd. September, 1924.

PORKELLIS. Helton, Cornwall. 20th. August, 1858.

PORTLAND No.5 Pit. Ayrshire. 17th August 1900.

PRIMROSE. Swansea, Glamorganshire.13th. October, 1858.

PRINCE OF WALES. Abercarne, Monmouthshire. 11th. September, 1878.

PUMPHOUSE. Dudley Port, West Bromwich. 2nd. November, 1835.

QUARTER. Denny, Strlingshire. 26th. April, 1895.

QUARTER. Hamilton Fifeshire. 16th. March, 1841.

QUEEN PIT. Haydock, Lancashire, 30th. December, 1868.

QUEEN PIT. Haydock, Lancashire. 21st. July, 1869.

RAINFORD Rainford, Lancashire. 16th. January, 1869.

RAINTON. Plain Pit. Rainton, Durham. 3rd. November, 1823.

RAINTON. Plain Pit. Rainton, Durham. 18th. December, 1817.

RAMROD HALL. Oldbury, Staffordshire. 13th. August, 1856.

RAVENSLODGE. Dewsbury, Yorkshire. 4th. August, 1892.

RAVENSWORTH. Ravensworth, Durham. 10th, June, 1757.

RAWMARSH. Rotherham, Yorkshire 20th. November, 1874.

RAWMARSH. Rotherham, Yorkshire 20th. November, 1874.

REDDING. Falkirk, Stirlingshire. 25th. September, 1923.

RENISHAW PARK. Chesterfield, Derbyshire, 10th. January, 1871.

RIPLEY. Ripley, Derbyshire, 10th. October, 1857.

RISCA. Black Vein Pit. Monmouthshire. 14th. January, 1846.

RISCA. Black Vein Pit. Risca, Monmouthshire. 15th. July, 1880.

RISCA. Monmouthshire. 12th. March, 1853.

RIVER LEVEL. Abernant, Glamorganshire. 9th. December, 1896.

ROBIN HOOD. Wakefield Yorkshire. 16th. February, 1836.

ROBIN HOOD. Wakefield Yorkshire. 16th. February, 1838.

ROSCOE'S. Bagillt, Flint. 1816 or 1817.

ROSCOE'S. Rochdale, Lancashire, 18th. February, 1852.

ROSE HILL, Willenhall, Staffordshire, 31st. May, 1853.

ROTHWELL HAIGH. Leeds, Yorkshire. 19th. April, 1797.

ROTHWELL HAIGH. Victoria Pit. Leeds, Yorkshire. 24th. January, 1840.

ROUNDS GREEN NEW PIT. Oldbury, Staffordshire. 17th. November, 1846.

RUFFORD. Mansfield, Nottingham. 7th. February, 1913.

RUSHY PARK. St.Helens, Lancashire. June, 1838.

SALT WELL Dudley, Worcestershire 9th. February, 1865.

SANKEY BROOK. St.Helens, Lancashire. 11th. June, 1857.

SEAFIELD. Kirkaldy, Fife. 10th. May, 1973.

SEAHAM. Seaham, Durham. 9th. September 1880.

SEAHAM. Seaham, Durham. 21st. October, 1871.

SEATON. Seaham, Durham. 16th. June, 1852.

SEGHILL. Seghill, Northumberland. 9th. September, 1864.

SENELEY GREEN. Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire. 24th. October, 1848.

SEVEN SISTERS. Merthyr, Glamorganshire. 10th. November, 1907.

SHAKERLEY. Tyldesley, Lancashire, 1st. October, 1895.

SHANKHOUSE. Cramlington, Northumberland. November, 1866.

SHELTON. Staffordshire. 1835.

SHERIFF HILL, Durham. 5th. August, 1843.

SHERIFF HILL. Gateshead, Durham. 11th. December 1815.

SHERIFF HILL. Gateshead, Durham. 19th. July, 1819.

SHERIFF HILL. Gateshead, Durham. 27th. December, 1793.

SHERIFF HILL. Isabella Pit. Gateshead, Durham. 27th. June, 1815.

SHERIFF HILL. Sheriff Hill, Durham. 21st. December, 1794.

SHEVINGTON. Wigan, Lancashire. 1st. November, 1861.

SHIPLEY. Derby, Derbyshire. 4th. March, 1857.

SHORTHEATH. Willenhall, Staffordshire. 12th. November, 1879.

SILVERDALE. Newcastle, Staffordshire. 21st. December, 1872.

SILVERDALE. Sheriff Pit. Newcastle, Staffordshire. 7th. July, 1870.

SILVERDALE. Sheriff Pit. Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. 6th. April, 1876.

SIX BELLS. Newport, Monmouthshire. 28th. June, 1960.

SLATTYFORD. Slattyford, Northumberland. 8th. September, 1796.

SNAEFELL LEAD MINE. Laxey, Isle of Man. 10th. May, 1897.

SNEYD. Hanley, Staffordshire. 1st. January, 1942.

SOUTH BIDDICK. Fatfield, Durham. 16th. April, 1766.

SOUTH KELLOE. Kelloe, Durham. 20th. March, 1859.

SOUTH MOSTYN. Mostyn, Flintshire. 26th September, 1861.

SOUTH NORMANTON, Alfreton, Derbyshire, 15th. February, 1937.

SOUTH SHIELDS. South Shields, Durham. 31st May, 1817.

SOUTH WALES. Abertillery, Glamorganshire. 18th. December, 1876.

SPRINGWELL, Gateshead, Durham. 6th. December, 1837.

SPRINGWELL. 'B' Pit. Gateshead, Northumberland. 9th. May, 1833.

SPRINGWELL. Gateshead, Durham. 6th. December, 1837.

SPRINGWELL. Gateshead, Durham. 29th. January, 1869.

ST. HELENS. St.Helens, Lancashire. June 1806.

St. DAVID'S PIT. Llangennech. Llanelli, Glamorganshire. 6th. July, 1840.

ST.HELENS No.3. Workington, Cumberland. 27th. November, 1922.

ST.HELENS. St.Helens, Lancashire. 1835.

ST.HELENS. Workington, Cumberland. 19th. April, 1888.

ST.HILDAS. South Shields, Durham. 28th. June, 1839.

STANRIGG and ARBUCKLE. Airdrie, Lanarkshire. 9th. July, 1918.

STONEHILL. Farnworth, Lancashire. 23rd. January, 1877.

STORMONT MAIN. King Pit, Wrekenton, Durham, 5th. April, 1843.

SUTTON. Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. 21st. February, 1957.

SWAITHE MAIN. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 6th. December, 1875.

TALK O' TH' HILL. Newcastle, Staffordshire, 18th. February, 1873.

TALKE O' TH' HILL. Talke, Staffordshire. 13th. December 1866.

TARNEI. Pontardawe, Glamorganshire. 1st. November, 1909.

THE ALBION. Pontypridd, Glamorganshire. 23rd. June, 1894.

THE HEYS. Ashton-under-Lyme, Cheshire. 31st. July, 1857.

THE MAYPOLE. Abram, Lancashire. 18th. August, 1908.

THE OAKS . Barnsley, Yorkshire. 24th. January 1847.

THE OAKS. Barnsley, Yorkshire 13th. December, 1866.

THE PARK. Neath, Glamorganshire. 26th. June, 1863.

THORNE. Doncaster, Yorkshire. 15th. March, 1926.

THORNHILL. Dewsbury, Yorkshire. 4th. July, 1893.

THORNLEY. Thornley, Durham. 5th. August, 1841.

THRYBERGH HALL, Rotherham, Yorkshire. 30th. November, 1863.

TIMSBURY. Bath, Somerset. 6th. February, 1895.

TIRPENTWYS. Tirpentwys, Monmouthshire. 8th. October, 1902.

TITFORD LONG MEADOW. Oldbury, Worcestershire. 23rd. July, 1874.

TOFTSHAW BOTTOM. Bradford, Yorkshire. 1st. January, 1846.

TOWER. Hirwaun, Glamorganshire. 12th. April, 1962.

TOWN HOUSE. Burnley, Lancashire. 12th. April, 1850.

TOWNELEY MAIN or STELLA PIT. Greenside 'A' Pit. Durham. 1801.

TOWNHOUSE. Burnley, Lancashire. 13th. November, 1856.

TOWNLEY MAIN. Townley, Durham. 30th. May, 1826.

TREDEGAR. (New Bedwelty Pit.). Bedwelty, Monmouthshire. 16th. June, 1865.

TRIMDON GRANGE. Trimdon, Durham. 16th. February 1882.

TRIMSHARAN. Pembrey, Carmarthen. 26th. April, 1923.

TROEHYDRIW. Porth, Glamorganshire. 11th. April, 1877.

TRY NICHOLAS. Cwmtelery, Glamorganshire. 27th. May, 1857.

TUDHOE. Tudhoe, Durham. 18th. April, 1882.

TYNYBEDW. Pentre, Glamorganshire. 9th. September, 1895.

UDSTON. Hamilton, Lanarkshire. 28th. May, 1887.

UNITY BROOK. Kersley, Lancashire. 12th. March, 1878.

UNIVERSAL. Senghenydd, Glamorganshire. 14th. October, 1913.

UNIVERSAL. Senghenydd, Glamorganshire. 24th. May, 1901.

UNNAMED. Dudley, Staffordshire. 1806.

UNNAMED. Near Llanelli, Glamorganshire. About 1827.

UNNAMED. Sheffield, Yorkshire. July 1822.

UNNAMED. Shropshire, 1816.

UNNAMED. Wigan, Lancashire. 1835.

USWORTH. Sunderland, Durham. 2nd. March, 1885.

VALLEYFIELD. Culross, Fife. 28th. October, 1939.

VICTORIA IRON WORKS. Aberdare, Monmouthshire, 21st. June, 1848.

VICTORIA IRON WORKS. Aberdare, Monmouthshire. 24th. April, 1848.

VICTORIA PIT. Dukinfield, Lancashire. 23rd. February, 1848.

VICTORIA, Bruntcliffe. Leeds, Yorkshire. 1st. May, 1882.

VICTORIA. Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire. February, 1849.

VICTORIA. Nithshill, Renfrewshire. 15th. March, 1851.

VICTORIA. No. 1 Pit. Monmouthshire. 2nd. March, 1871.

VICTORIA. Pontefract, Yorkshire. 7th. March, 1879.

VICTORIA. Stanley Pit. Wakefield, Yorkshire. 4th. March 1879.

VOCHRHIW. Dowlais, Glamorganshire. 8th. January, 1870.

VOCHRIW No.2. Gellingaer, Glamorganshire. 4th. June, 1902.

WALBOTTLE. Wellington Pit. Walbottle, Durham. 28th. April, 1816.

WALKER. Gateshead, Northumberland, 18th. March, 1766.

WALKER. Gateshead, Northumberland. 2nd.. April, 1765.

WALKER. Northumberland. 4th. November 1862.

WALKER. Northumberland. 24th. October 1887.

WALKER. Walker, Northumberland. 19th. June, 1823.

WALLSEND. 'A' Pit. Wallsend, Northumberland. 23rd. October, 1821.

WALLSEND. 'C' Pit. Gateshead, Durham. 25th. September, 1803.

WALLSEND. Gateshead, Northumberland. 1767.

WALLSEND. Wallsend, Northumberland. 3rd. November, 1786.

WALLSEND. Wallsend, Northumberland. 4th. October, 1790.

WALLSEND. Wallsend, Northumberland. 18th. June, 1835.

WALLSEND. Wallsend, Northumberland. 19th. December, 1838.

WALLSEND. Wallsend, Northumberland. 21st. August, 1786.

WALLSEND. Wallsend, Northumberland. 25th. September, 1799.

WALTON. Wakefield, Yorkshire. 22nd. April, 1959.

WARREN VALE. Yorkshire. 20th. December, 1851.

WASHINGTON. 'I' Pit. Washington, Durham. 20th. November, 1828.

WASHINGTON. Gateshead, Durham. 31st. May, 1867.

WASHINGTON. Washington, Durham, 19th. August, 1851.

WASHINGTON. Washington, Durham. 27th. February, 1798.

WATER HAIGH. Leeds, Yorkshire. 7th. May, 1910.

WATH MAIN. Wath-on-Dearne, Yorkshire. 24th. February, 1930.

WAUNDDU. Loughor, Swansea. 10th. July, 1788.

WAUNHIR TRIMSHARAN. Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire., 16th. February, 1907.

WEDGEWOOD'S. Burslem, Staffordshire. 26th. September, 1836.

WEETSLADE COLLIERY. Northumberland, 1st. October, 1951.

WEIGHFACH. Swansea, Glamorganshire. 10th. March, 1877.

WELLINGTON PIT. Unsworth, Durham. 5th. June, 1850.

WELLINGTON PIT. Whitehaven, Cumberland. 11th. May, 1911.

WERFA. Aberdare, Glamorganshire. 4th. September, 1851.

WERFA. Aberdare, Glamorganshire. 16th. May, 1849.

WERNBWLL. Penclawdd, Glamorganshire. 28th. November, 1929.

WERNFRAITH. Neath, Glamorganshire. 1758.

WERNFRAITH. Neath, Glamorganshire. 1770.

WEST CANNOCK. Hednesford. Staffordshire. 16th. May, 1933.

WEST CHIRTON. North Shields, Northumberland. 17th. July, 1813.

WEST MOOR. Killingworth, Northumberland. 3rd. April, 1845.

WEST MOOR. Killingworth, Northumberland. 18th. January, 1844.

WEST STANLEY. Chester-le-Street, Durham. 19th. April, 1882.

WEST STANLEY. West Stanley, Durham. 16th. February, 1909.

WESTLEIGH. Leigh, Lancashire. 20th. February, 1896.

WESTLEIGH. Leigh, Lancashire. 28th. January, 1847.

WESTWOOD. Sheffield, Yorkshire. c.10th. April, 1862.

WHARNCLIFFE CARLTON. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 18th. October, 1883.

WHARNCLIFFE SILKSTONE. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 30th. May, 1914.

WHARNCLIFFE WOODMORE. Nos.1, 2 and 3. Barnsley, Yorkshire. 6th. August, 1936.

WHEAL AGAR Redruth, Cornwall. 15th. August, 1883.

WHEAL OWLES. St. Just, Cornwall. 10th. January, 1893.

WHEATLEY HILL. Durham. 22nd. January, 1871.

WHEDALE. Castleford, Yorkshire. 22nd. February, 1923.

WHELDALE. Castleford, Yorkshire. 8th. December, 1891.

WHINNY HILL. Cleator Moor. Cumberland. 28th. October, 1848.

WHISTON. Whiston, Lancashire. 17th. February, 1878.

WHITEFIELD. Hanley, Staffordshire. 7th. February, 1881

WHITEHALL. Staffordshire. July, 1851.

WHITEHAVEN. Whitehaven, Cumberland. 1806.

WHITLEY, Durham, 1st. May 1835.

WHITWICK. Coalville, Leicestershire. 19th. April, 1898.

WILLIAM PIT. Whitehaven, Cumberland. 3rd. June, 1941.

WILLIAM PIT. Whitehaven, Cumberland. 18th. February, 1839.

WILLIAM PIT. Whitehaven, Cumberland. 21st. August, 1947.

WILLIAM PIT. Whitehaven, Cumberland. Between 1817 and 1824.

WILLIAM. Whitehaven, Cumberland. 26th. November, 1907.

WILLINGSWORTH. Sedgley, Staffordshire. November, 1850.

WILLINGTON. High Pit. Willington, Durham. 20th. September, 1831.

WINCH POND. Neath, Glamorganshire, 1779.

WINCH POND. Neath, Glamorganshire. 1764.

WINDSOR. Abertridwr, Glamorganshire. 3rd. June, 1902.

WINGATE GRANGE. Wingate, Durham 14th. October, 1906.

WINSTANLEY. Wigan, Lancashire. 3rd. August, 1860.

WINSTANLEY. Wigan, Lancashire. 20th. November, 1843.

WISHAW, Scotland. 13th. August, 1849.

WITHYMORE. Rowley Regis, Staffordshire. 16th November, 1864.

WOOD PIT. Haydock, Lancashire. 7th. June, 1878.

WOODHORN. Ashington, Northumberland. 13th. August, 1916.

WYNNSTAY Ruabon, Flintshire. 30th. September, 1868.

WYNNSTAY. Ruabon, Flintshire. 24th. April, 1873.

WYNSTAY Ruabon, Flintshire. 9th. December, 1863.

YEW TREE. Tyldesley, Lancashire. 11th. December, 1858.

YNISCEDWIN. Swansea Valley, Breconshire. 24th. August, 1892.

YNISDAVID. Cwmavon, Glamorganshire. 24th. May, 1856.